Google Local Guides Program How to Earn Points and Badges


Google Local Guides receive recognition for their contributions for their contributions to Google Maps. Learn more about joining the program and learn how to earn badges and points.

Google relies on a group of committed volunteers from all over the globe to ensure that Search and Maps are updated with up-to-date information on local businesses, locations, and attractions in the local area.

The volunteers are known as Local Guides.

If you’re visiting the city of your choice and look for information about restaurants and hotels you’re likely to find that Google Local Guides have provided the details you require to make an informed decision.

Local Guides voluntarily offer reviews and videos, images and more to the benefit of people searching like you.

It’s not entirely true. Local Guides do get digital rewards for their work.

Google created its Local Guides program to incentivize regular people to help keep Maps current.

Local guides are used to ensure that the information supplied by companies is correct.

Anyone can join anyone who wants to be part of the Local Guide program – and when you’ve contributed feedback on Google Maps already, you could be eligible to receive acknowledgment.

This article will explain the basics of what is the Google Local Guide program is and how you can join it and what benefits you can get through it.

What is The Google Local Guide Program?

Google Local Guide is a program that rewards users for their contributions to the Google Local Guide Program is game-based system that rewards users for their contribution to Google Maps and Google Business Profiles.

When you are a local guide you earn points for each contribution. Once you have earned a certain amount of points, you can move to higher levels in the program, and earn new badges.

Your badge appears alongside your name in Google Maps when you leave a review or answer a question and everyone will be able to be able to recognize you as an expert in your area.

Points, Levels & Badges

You can earn points by one of the contributions listed below in Google Maps:

Review your work of Ten points

Write a 200+ word review. at least 20 points

A business’s rate of 1 point = one point

Upload a picture – Five points

Tag a photo to earn three points

Upload a video Seven points

Respond to questions and answers Answer questions with three points

Editing the information. five points

Add a spot Add a place 15, points

Add a road of fifteen points

Find out a fact one point

Create an eligible list of 10-points

Write a description (in the list) – 5 points

The higher levels you can achieve in the Local Guides program as you earn points.

When you reach the level of four or higher at which point you’ll earn an emblem which is displayed beside your name whenever it appears on Google Maps.

The local guides program is as follows:

The Level 1 game consists of Zero points

Level 2 Level 2 15 points

3. Level — 75 points

Level 4 Level 4 250 points

Level 5 500 points 500 points

6. Level 5 — 1500 points

7. Level 7 5,500 points

Level 8: 15,000 points

Level 9: 10,000 points

The Level Ten – 100,000 points

The past was when Google gave bonuses to the top Local Guides like free cloud storage as well as discounts on the Google Play store.

As the program expanded, Google eliminated the extras and has now limited the badges to only offer.

Local Guides may receive early access to brand-new Google features, however there is no guarantee.

How Do I Sign Up To The Google Local Guides Program

Step One

Go to the Google Local Guides signup page and click Start Here.

Step Two

Enter the city name and click Join the Local Guide Program.

Step Three

Earn points now through contributions towards Google Maps.

In the dashboard, similar to the one above it is possible to keep track of your points as well as progress towards the next stage.

If you permit Google to look at your history of location, you’ll get recommendations for places to go about the places you’ve visited.

It’s not required to enable the tracking of location history to be a part of Local Guides. You can search for places manually and add to the Local Guides.

In the Summary

You can sign up to be an official Google Local Guide by following the simple registration process accessible to anyone who has a Google account.

Once you’ve contributed enough to be able to attain the fourth level the badge will be displayed on your profile when you write reviews, signalling that to other users you’re a local Guide.

Local Guides is Google’s way of recognizing those who keep their maps and business profiles up Local Guides program is Google’s way of acknowledging those who maintain Maps and Business Profiles updated with current information, accurate photos, and insightful reviews.

It’s a method of increasing your web visibility and standing out among the top search engines in the world.

Q1: What is the Google Local Guides Program?

The Google Local Guides Program is a community-driven initiative that encourages individuals to contribute information to Google Maps and Google Business Profiles. Local Guides play a key role in keeping maps updated with accurate details about businesses, locations, and attractions.

Q2: How do I join the Google Local Guides Program?

To join the program, visit the Google Local Guides signup page, click “Get Started,” enter your city’s name, and become a Local Guide. Once registered, you can start making contributions to Google Maps.

Q3: What contributions earn points in the Local Guides Program?

Points can be earned through various contributions, including writing reviews, rating businesses, uploading photos and videos, responding to Q&As, editing information, and more. Each activity is assigned a specific point value.

Q4: What are the levels and badges in the program?

The Local Guides Program consists of ten levels, each requiring a specific point threshold. As you accumulate points, you progress through levels and unlock badges. Badges are displayed next to your name in Google Maps, signifying your expertise as a Local Guide.

Q5: Can anyone join the Google Local Guides Program?

Yes, anyone is eligible to join the Local Guides Program. If you’re already contributing reviews to Google Maps, joining the program provides recognition for your efforts.

Q6: Are there perks to being a Local Guide?

While Google no longer offers bonuses such as free cloud storage or discounts, Local Guides receive virtual rewards in the form of badges. Occasionally, high-level Local Guides may get early access to new Google features.

Q7: How do I track my progress in the program?

You can track your points and progress through the Local Guides dashboard. The dashboard displays your current level, points earned, and recommendations for places to review.

Q8: Is it necessary to turn on location history for Local Guides participation?

No, it’s not necessary to turn on location history tracking to participate in the Local Guides Program. You can manually look up locations and contribute to them without enabling this feature.

Q9: What happens after reaching level four in the program?

Upon reaching level four, you’ll earn a badge that is displayed next to your name when leaving reviews in Google Maps. This badge signifies to others that you’re a Local Guide.

Q10: How can I get early access to new Google features as a Local Guide?

While Google occasionally offers early access to new features for Local Guides, there are no guaranteed promises. Early access is provided on an occasional basis.
For more detailed information and the latest updates, refer to the official Google Local Guides Program guidelines.


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